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We wanted to share some information with you for when you bring you baby puppy home.


  You will receive a copy of their immunizations, none of our puppies leave without their first 2 puppy shots, as well as their worming schedule.  Pups are still vulnerable to Parvo until they have had their 3rd shot.  Please don't take your puppy anywhere besides your home and to the vet. until the have received their 3rd immunization.  


Roundworms and hookworms are very common intestinal parasites of dogs. Most dogs carry them dormant in their whole lives.  The hormones of pregnancy cause the worms in momma to spread across the placenta and through the milk (roundworms and hookworms) to the puppies.  Momma is wormed 3 weeks prior to birth and the pups and momma will be wormed at 2-4-6 and 8 weeks.  Puppies should be checked individually for the presence of worms until 12 weeks -AKC

Your puppy may show signs of worms, and you may see worms in the feces, this is a common part of the worming cycle.  It is recommended that you make an appointment with your Veterinarian within 72 hours of picking up your pup.

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